Local SEO Guide – Everything you need to know

January 31, 2018By Ben Cope

Have a new website and want to get stuck into local SEO for the first time? Or have you been online for a while, but looking to boost your local customer base? We provide you with all the information you need to excel in local SEO.  What is Local SEO? The applications for Local SEO … Read More

How To Do Anything With WordPress

January 18, 2018By Helena Raraty

WordPress is a great choice for businesses looking to up their game online.  It is the easiest Content Management System to use and has an extensive library of themes and plugins to choose from.  However, the choices can be overwhelming. We have put together a swift guide to help you do anything with WordPress. For the … Read More

How To Do Anything With WooCommerce

December 14, 2017By Helena Raraty

WooCommerce is a cost-effective eCommerce solution that enables small businesses to engage customers, build trust and increase conversions.  Built on top of WordPress, WooCommerce is one of the easiest online stores to create and thanks to the wealth of free and low-cost plugins that integrate seamlessly with the software, you can manage your online store … Read More

How to Make Dynamic Pages SEO Friendly

November 9, 2017By Lian Brooks

Dynamic pages can add unique value to a site, though they might also cause problems with crawling and even indexing your pages. To avoid this, take a look at some of our suggestions on how to make dynamic pages more search engine friendly. PLEASE! Before you read this article, take a look at our simple guide … Read More

Should You Buy Backlinks?

November 9, 2017By Ben Cope

Many businesses find that buying backlinks is often much easier than having to naturally acquire them. It offers a faster way of building your link profile – but is it really worth it? We run through the risks and how to earn more natural backlinks in an SEO friendly way.  What is a backlink? Backlink is … Read More

How to Check Your Website Ranking in Google

November 9, 2017By Ben Cope

It’s easy to check where your website ranks in search engines like Google. There are free online rank checker tools and paid-for rankings checkers which give you a basic idea of where you’re ranking for certain keywords. Here are several tips to help you navigate SEO tools like Google Search Console and things to bear in … Read More