What is Bounce Rate?

November 14, 2017By Ben Cope

A comprehensive guide on everything Bounce Rate, from how it is defined, to what an average bounce rate is. What is Bounce Rate? The definition of a ‘bounce’ is a single-page session on your website. This means the user visits one page on your site and then exits. How is Bounce Rate Calculated? The formula for … Read More

How to Make Dynamic Pages SEO Friendly

November 9, 2017By Lian Brooks

Dynamic pages can add unique value to a site, though they might also cause problems with crawling and even indexing your pages. To avoid this, take a look at some of our suggestions on how to make dynamic pages more search engine friendly. PLEASE! Before you read this article, take a look at our simple guide … Read More

Should You Buy Backlinks?

November 9, 2017By Ben Cope

Many businesses find that buying backlinks is often much easier than having to naturally acquire them. It offers a faster way of building your link profile – but is it really worth it? We run through the risks and how to earn more natural backlinks in an SEO friendly way.  What is a backlink? Backlink is … Read More

How to Check Your Website Ranking in Google

November 9, 2017By Ben Cope

It’s easy to check where your website ranks in search engines like Google. There are free online rank checker tools and paid-for rankings checkers which give you a basic idea of where you’re ranking for certain keywords. Here are several tips to help you navigate SEO tools like Google Search Console and things to bear in … Read More

Best Website Structure: A Guide

November 9, 2017By James Wong

Without good site structure, it can be difficult for users to navigate your site. In this guide, we cover the best website structure to appeal to both humans and search engines.   What is Website Structure? A website’s structure (sometimes referred to as the taxonomy) is a way to organise a website’s content. When you … Read More

Why Automatically-Generated Content Won’t Help You Rank

November 8, 2017By Lian Brooks

A site’s value is dependent on the usefulness of its pages, and it’s important not to lose sight of this when creating new content. Just as a human has no interest in unoriginal, low value content, neither does Google. Note: If you want ideas for engaging content that works, we have ideas on the different kinds … Read More