Google Tag Manager: A Step-by-step Setup

September 7, 2016By Ben CopeAnalytics Insight

In case you need a simple and convenient way to track your online marketing, Google Tag Manager could be the best solution available free of charge. Marketing and customer outreach are not secondary functions for a company – these areas are essential for good financial results, and can’t be left to chance. The best way … Read More

Does Bounce Rate Affect Google Rankings?

May 25, 2016By Ben CopeAnalytics Insight

There has been some debate over the last few years as to whether search engines like Google use bounce rate as a ranking signal. To figure this out, let’s take a quick look at the history of bounce rate and its relationship with search engines. It stands to reason that bounce rate would directly affect … Read More

Google Penalties: the Causes and Solutions

May 23, 2016By Ben CopeAnalytics Insight

Google can penalise your website – usually for two reasons: you either provide low quality content or you’ve used manipulative methods in an effort to boost your rankings. So, can you recover? If you’ve used manipulative methods in an effort to boost your website’s rankings, it could either all as on-site, or off-site methods. On-site … Read More

5 Key Google Analytics Metrics

May 15, 2016By Ben CopeAnalytics Insight

Google Analytics is arguably the most essential marketing tool you have in your SEO toolbox. Considering the service is free, the insight this vital resource provides is an absolute gift from the Big G. Is Google the new God? You may well wonder. The multiple terms and numbers Google Analytics (GA) throws up are certainly … Read More

7 Key Metrics in Google Search Console

May 11, 2016By Ben CopeAnalytics Insight

Without a doubt, Google Search Console is a valuable source of information for every site owner or SEO specialist. This analytic package may be even more useful if you are aware which metrics describe your own situation on the ground most clearly. Contemporary analytic tools offer plenty of insight into the performance of your website. … Read More