What is Bounce Rate?

November 14, 2017By Ben Cope

A comprehensive guide on everything Bounce Rate, from how it is defined, to what an average bounce rate is.   What is Bounce Rate? A ‘bounce’ is a single-page session on your website. This means the user visits one page on your site and then exits. The formula for bounce rate is Bounces / Entrances. If … Read More

Buying an existing website – tips to consider

November 14, 2017By Ben Cope

Starting an online business from scratch takes time. Websites have to earn visibility in search engines before you can realistically monetise your enterprise. If you don’t have time to create income streams, the alternative option is to purchase an existing website. Buying an existing business requires due diligence. You need to evaluate the digital footprint … Read More

How to Value a Website – 5 Simple Checks Before You Buy or Sell

November 14, 2017By Ben Cope

Evaluating a website for purchase or sale is not a straightforward process. The value of an online business requires various factors to be taken into consideration including current value and an estimate of potential earnings. We run through everything you need to consider. Business analysts recommend the value of a business is ten times the gross … Read More

Website Due Diligence Checklist

November 13, 2017By Ben Cope

When you’re buying a business, it’s highly likely it will come with its own website. Whether that website is the sole driver of revenue (for instance, an online store) or whether the website plays a smaller supporting role, it’s vital you know what you’re getting. Our Website Due Diligence Checklist covers-off the major areas to … Read More

Google Tag Manager: A Step-by-step Setup

September 7, 2016By Ben Cope

In case you need a simple and convenient way to track your online marketing, Google Tag Manager could be the best solution available free of charge. Marketing and customer outreach are not secondary functions for a company – these areas are essential for good financial results, and can’t be left to chance. The best way … Read More

Google Penalties: the Causes and Solutions

May 23, 2016By Ben Cope

Google can penalise your website – usually for two reasons: you either provide low quality content or you’ve used manipulative methods in an effort to boost your rankings. So, can you recover? What is a Google Penalty? Search engine giant Google consistently takes steps to prevent websites from artificially promoting themselves in search result rankings.  It … Read More

How to Use Google Analytics: 5 Key Metrics to Watch

May 15, 2016By Ben Cope

Google Analytics is arguably the most essential marketing tool you have in your SEO toolbox. Considering the service is free, the insight this vital resource provides is an absolute gift from the Big G. We run through how to use Google Analytics and the metrics you should be watching.   What is Google Analytics? Google … Read More

How to Use Google Search Console: 7 Metrics to Watch

May 11, 2016By Ben Cope

PLEASE! Before you read this article, check out our guide on the 5 most common SEO mistakes (and how to fix them). These two articles work hand-in-hand to ensure your website is well optimised and able to rank in Google. Happy optimising! Without a doubt, Google Search Console is a valuable source of information for … Read More