21 Points to Increase Social Media Engagement

July 2, 2016By Ben CopeSocial Media No Comments

If you’re looking for paid solutions to increase social media engagement, you should check out our post on buying followers. If you’re looking for organic ways to increase growth, keep reading on! With so many businesses on social media competing for your valuable attention, it’s hard for your brand to cut through all the noise. … Read More

Is Social Media Worth It for Small Businesses?

June 22, 2016By Ben CopeSocial Media No Comments

The short answer is: yes. If you’re already sold, check out our post on 21 questions you can ask to increase your social media engagement. If not, keep reading on to find out why! The eruption of social media has allowed businesses build meaningful relationships with their customers, placing an emphasis on inbound marketing. With 62% … Read More

What is Social SEO (And is it Worth it)?

June 2, 2016By Ben CopeSocial Media No Comments

Many people are familiar with social media sites, and some are also familiar with SEO. Combining social media and SEO strategy gives you social SEO, an effective way of increasing your rankings. Here we’ll answer the question ‘What is social SEO?’ and explain how you can benefit from it. You don’t necessarily need to use social SEO … Read More

Is Google+ Dead? (Plus: What’s Next?)

June 2, 2016By Ben CopeSocial Media No Comments

Google+ didn’t exactly share the same success as Facebook and Twitter, but it doesn’t mean it holds zero value. Around 22% of online users visit Google+ at least once a month so this could be a good opportunity for your website. We take a look at whether Google+ is dead, what’s in store for the platform, and … Read More