Search Landscape

Take the guesswork out of your web strategy and see all the keywords you're ranking for, their search volumes and where you rank

Do you know the keywords you are ranking for?

A Search Landscape shows you all the keywords and phrases that your website is being surfaced for in Google.

It is an incredibly useful tool for any website owner as it gives you an instant understanding of all the keywords you're ranking for, the monthly search volumes for those keywords, where you rank and the URL on your website that is being returned.

What does a Search Landscape enable you to do?

A Search Landscape is the foundation of any website optimisation or SEO campaign.

See all the keywords you're ranking for
From here you can pick your priority keywords and focus on optimising to improve your rankings for these.

See the most popular keywords
Sort by search volume to see the most popular keywords. Also look at the long-tail keywords that have a lower search volume as these will be easier to rank for and may also be more focused, sending you visitors that are more likely to convert

See your URLs that are ranking (and the ones that aren't)
It's important to see the URLs that are ranking but it's also vital to know the URLs that aren't ranking. From here you can work out why these pages aren't doing well in Google search and take action.

Spot quick wins
The average click-through rate (CTR) for a result in 10th position is 1%. The average CTR for a result in 11th position (the first result on page two) is 0.1%, so by moving your rankings from anywhere on the second page to anywhere on the first page will deliver a significant improvement in traffic.

See your keyword clusters
See all the keywords that a single URL is ranking for. This is a useful way to know how to shape your page or whether your page is ranking for a broad set of keywords, in which case you could create new content to focus on improving your rankings to specifically target keywords where you're struggling to get traction.

“Ben and his team are experts in this area and turned around a solid audit in under a week, then took the time to talk me through it in detail. Will be working with them again in the future I'm sure”

Robin Winch, Partner, Bennett Winch

We can build your Search Landscape and help you interpret it

Take the guesswork out of SEO by knowing where you rank and the keywords you're ranking.

This is a fundamental first-step to understanding your website's visibility in search engines and the next steps to take to drive more traffic to your website.

Those next steps could be to optimise your existing content, create new content or build a paid search campaign.

We'll supply you with a full Search Landscape for your website and a summary of suggestions on how to improve your ranking, including quick wins.