10 of the Most Common SEO Mistakes

October 2, 2017By Ana DukakisSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is fast-paced and fast-changing, so making SEO mistakes can easily be done without even realising. This is especially true because of all the SEO myths floating around (if you want to see a few dispelled, check out our talk with industry experts on the topic), and black-hat SEO masters peddling dodgy practices to unsuspecting … Read More

Easily Optimise Your Shopify Images

July 18, 2017By Ana DukakisSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you’re looking to sell products online, you may be looking to host your website on an ecommerce platform like Shopify. You may in fact already be doing so! If you are, then you’ll know that images play a major part in both attracting potential customers’ attention, and giving them crucial information about the product … Read More

Optimise your Shopify Store in 1 Hour

May 25, 2017By Ana DukakisSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

So your Shopify store is up and running (congratulations!) – but can it be even better? The answer is likely yes, and this is where optimisation comes in. By optimising your store, you’ll be improving your page speeds, overall user experience, and by extension your ranking with search engines. These points should help you both … Read More