How Page Load Speed Affects SEO

October 10, 2018By Ana Dukakis

Page load speed is, as the name suggests, the time it takes for a page to load – that is, to display the contents of your page for visitors to see.   Why is page load speed important? The page load speed is literally the time if takes for your web page to load in … Read More

How to Optimise Images for Web with Photoshop

September 24, 2018By Ana Dukakis

Optimising your images can be really important to speed up your page load speed, especially if you have a web page with lots of images. Photoshop is a great tool when it comes to reducing your image files sizes. Our simple step by step guide will help you optimise images for web. Note: There are various … Read More

How to Avoid Being Penalised by Google

September 4, 2018By Ana Dukakis

If you want to strengthen your Search Engine Optimisation strategy, one important thing to keep in mind is avoiding being penalised by those search engines in the first place! Google has detailed the criteria they look out for when evaluating websites, which is good to keep in mind when reviewing your own website. Some of … Read More

Speed Up WordPress

August 18, 2018By Ben Cope

Improving WordPress speed is a no-brainer. Website load speed is a Google ranking factor, so a faster site means better ranking, more traffic, a better user experience and more conversions . In this guide we show you how to speed up WordPress, optimize your website and reduce page load times.   How to use this guide … Read More

Worst SEO Mistakes 2018 (And How to Avoid Them)

July 14, 2018By Ben Cope

SEO is fast-paced and fast-changing, so making SEO mistakes can easily be done without even realising. So think of this post as a map of the obvious places not to tread. Those new to digital marketing, tread very carefully and watch out for paths that look suspiciously well groomed. We spoke to experts from the SEO … Read More

Should you do SEO yourself or hire someone?

May 7, 2018By Ben Cope

Hiring an SEO expert, whether that’s a full-time in-house SEO or an external agency or freelancer, for your online business is not a decision to be taken lightly. This guide offers a few pointers to make the decision of who to hire a little easier and avoid a raw deal. If you’re a small business … Read More

What is Black Hat SEO?

January 31, 2018By Lian Brooks

Black hat SEO methods can get you banned from Google. Here, we explain what black hat SEO is, the most common black hat SEO tactics and discuss whether you should employ them on your site. Note: Black hat isn’t the only SEO method out there. Take a look at our pages on white hat SEO and grey hat SEO … Read More

Local SEO Guide – Everything you need to know

January 31, 2018By Ben Cope

Have a new website and want to get stuck into local SEO for the first time? Or have you been online for a while, but looking to boost your local customer base? We provide you with all the information you need to excel in local SEO.  What is Local SEO? The applications for Local SEO … Read More

How to Make Dynamic Pages SEO Friendly

November 9, 2017By Lian Brooks

Dynamic pages can add unique value to a site, though they might also cause problems with crawling and even indexing your pages. To avoid this, take a look at some of our suggestions on how to make dynamic pages more search engine friendly. PLEASE! Before you read this article, take a look at our simple guide … Read More

Should You Buy Backlinks?

November 9, 2017By Ben Cope

Many businesses find that buying backlinks is often much easier than having to naturally acquire them. It offers a faster way of building your link profile – but is it really worth it? We run through the risks and how to earn more natural backlinks in an SEO friendly way.  What is a backlink? Backlink is … Read More