Google AdWords Remarketing Campaign Guide

December 12, 2016By Ben Cope

Remarketing campaigns are an essential and effective tactic in your PPC strategy. Statistics show that 81% of online consumers research for over two months before taking the decision to purchase. This is where Google AdWords give marketers a distinct advantage. Google AdWords are the boxes you find appearing in search results. They are flagged up … Read More

Adwords Account Structure Best Practises

July 13, 2016By Ben Cope

What you need to know to structure AdWords account Before you embark on an Adwords campaign, it’s helpful to know AdWords account structure best practises. Strategically structuring your ads has an impact on Quality Score metrics which determines how much creditability Google gives your ad. The search engine determines your Ad Rank and Ad Position … Read More

5 PPC Campaign Mistakes To Avoid

July 7, 2016By Ben Cope

If you want your message to instantly appear in search results, you’ll need to start a Pay-Per-Click campaign to show your advert when a searcher searches for a keyword you choose to target. We’ll be honest with you. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns will not work for every business. But for most online marketers PPC presents a prime … Read More

7 Tips For Your Low-budget PPC Campaign

May 15, 2016By Ben Cope

When working with a low budget, getting the best ROI for your PPC campaign is essential. Let’s take a look at how you can maximise your campaign results. Running a successful PPC campaign can be quite challenging. As a small business, you will typically have a lower budget available compared to larger companies. With limited … Read More