WordPress is a great choice for businesses looking to up their game online.  It is the easiest Content Management System to use and has an extensive library of themes and plugins to choose from.  However, the choices can be overwhelming. We have put together a swift guide to help you do anything with WordPress. For the most part, all you need to do is install a plugin or application and you’re good to go!


WordPress with .htaccess

WordPress uses .htaccess to generate SEO friendly URL structures which enable users to easily change permalinks. For example, if you want to use a different keyword in the URL than you have in the title of the page, just click on the permalink at the top of your document and key in the URL extension.

The .htaccess file also allows you to perform many other tasks such as improve security on your passwords and directories, ban suspicious IP addresses, set up a 301 redirect, and increase the file upload limit.

How to change user roles in WordPress

Changing user roles in WordPress is very simple. All you have to do is click on ‘Users’ in the left-hand sidebar, check the box of the user you want to change and select the level of authority you want to give the user.

Where to find WordPress website templates

You will find templates from your WordPress dashboard under Appearance>Themes. You can also find thousands of other templates from third-party websites like Elegant Themes.

The best WordPress quiz plugin

Quizzes are great for helping make content viral. The best plugin for this is WP Quiz.

The best WordPress YouTube plugin

To optimise YouTube videos in WordPress, go for Envira. This plugin speeds up video load times, is good for SEO and allows you to publish a video gallery.

The best WordPress security plugin

Security can be an issue with WordPress sites, but fortunately, there are free plugins that help protect your website from attackers. The most popular security plugin is WordFence, but we think iThemes Security turns in the best performance.

The best WordPress SEO plugin

If you need some guidance improving your search engine optimisation, SEO Yoast flags up areas for improvement on every page.

The best WordPress forms plugin

To create a contact form on your WordPress website, all you need is WPForms plugin.

WordPress with GoDaddy

To ensure your online store is accessible to online shoppers, you need a reliable hosting plan. GoDaddy guarantees an uptime of 99.9% or you get your money back.

WordPress packages with GoDaddy also include 1000’s of free plugins and templates, daily backup, 24/7 support, free domain name and security updates. The basic package is suitable for online businesses that receive less than 25,000 visitors a month.  

All you have to do is visit the GoDaddy website, select the WordPress package you need, register for an account and follow the on-screen instructions.

WordPress with WooCommerce

To get the most from your online store, the WooCommerce plugin is the most cost-effective solution for WordPress. The plugin integrates seamlessly with your website and can be accessed directly from your dashboard where you can manage orders, coupons, and reports.

The WooCommerce plugin also has ‘booster tools’  which allows you to add extra features such as price converter, export data to make reports, and autogenerate stock keeping units (SKU’s).

WordPress with React

React is an open source platform that became the de facto theme for WordPress and its mammoth library of plugins. It’s the easiest way for developers to build real-time mobile applications and dynamic websites in WordPress.

With React in WordPress, you can create user-friendly interfaces, design simple views that make code predictable and easier to debug and encapsulate components that manage their own state.

WordPress with your own domain

If you already own a domain name, you can easily setup a WordPress store with your existing URL. All you have to do is go to the Domains page, select ‘Add Domain’ and click ‘upgrade.’ If you don’t already have a WordPress plan, you will need to make the relevant payment.

Once you have informed WordPress you want to add your own domain, head over to the company you purchased the domain name from, usually your host provider, and point the name servers to your website. The domain servers look like this:



You will find the name servers in the cPanel of your web host account. If you are not sure what to do, take advantage of the customer service support and get guidance from your web host service provider.

WordPress with Git

Professional developers rave about Git-powered tools for WordPress. It’s basic function is to save changes to the multiple files stored in directories and subdirectories.

Git comes into its own in a collaborative environment by centralising projects that can be worked on by multiple developers simultaneously. This means you can work on one page at the same time as a colleague or developer/client and not lose any changes.

WordPress with Postgresql

PostgreSQL is an alternative blogging platform to MySQL and can be installed into the backend of your WordPress.

WordPress with Paypal

PayPal is the most common online payment gateway and eCommerce owners cannot afford to omit it from your website. There are different PayPal plugins though so take care to download the right one. CP Contact Form with PayPal will suffice in most cases.

WordPress with Laravel

Developers can find WordPress templates limiting and codes are sometimes restrictive or heavy. Businesses that want to create a unique user-experience look for alternative solutions. Lavarel is a popular choice.

Lavarel is a php framework which allows you to develop modern applications without the typical complications. The open source project has an extensive library of code that makes it easier for inexperienced developers to work with and a large community you can turn to for support.

It helps to know when to work with WordPress and when to work with Lavarel, but most of the syntax available in Lavarel is specifically designed to speed up the web development process.

WordPress with SQL Server

Businesses that want to host their own website need a database. SQL Server enables you to create, customise and publish content as effectively as hosting a WordPress website with a web host.

The server is free software for you to develop your site, but you will need to pay for storage space once you exceed the 10GB capacity. The software enables you to create reports, configure manage, administer and develop components, sync your data and restore data with an online backup system.

WordPress with MariaDB

MariaDB is an alternative solution to MySQL. Both applications are made by the same company, but MariaDB is an upgraded version and boasts more features that turn in a better performance.

Although WordPress is relatively simple to use and build beautiful website that can perform in search engines, the reality is that anything technical is not free from bugs, issues and hurdles.

If you do need any help, feel free to contact us. We know how frustrating websites can be and are here to help you navigate problems and relieve the burden.

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