21 Great Content Ideas for Your Website

July 6, 2016By Ben Cope

You know that time of the week when you come to sit down and write a piece of blog content for your website? What does that moment feel like for you? Do you worry about not conjuring up a readable piece? Or are you brimming with ideas other people have already written? There is only … Read More

Why Local SEO Reviews Are Vital (And How to Get More)

June 30, 2016By Ben Cope

There are countless factors that are actively influencing your Google rankings and it’s hard to keep up. Local SEO reviews, including testimonials and social media comments, are crucial indicators that reflect your customers’ sentiments about your business. Take control of your local reputation as we look at how reviews are important in helping your business … Read More

Best Blog Post Titles

June 21, 2016By Ben Cope

Many of us will stumble upon the wretched writer’s block which impedes our creative potential. Luckily, there is a wealth of idea-generating methods out there that can help you pick up momentum. Here’s 25 blog titles you can copy and paste into your next blog post.   Blog Post Titles to Unblock Your Writer’s Block Content creation … Read More

Can You Really Get to the Top of Google?

June 13, 2016By Ben Cope

Every website owner wants one thing: top Google rankings. But is this possible? Let’s take a look at what you can do to achieve the first place ranking on Google’s search results. What is the Top of Google? The Top of Google is that highly sought after, first place position in search page rankings. The ultimate … Read More

5 Easy Steps to Create Your 2017 SEO Strategy

June 10, 2016By Ben Cope

In 2017 SEO strategy is more important than ever to rank your website at the top of Google. Keeping up with current search trends can be a full-time job but we’ve put together this simple guide to act as an essential 2017 SEO checklist.   Every company needs that extra boost that high rankings on Google … Read More

Republishing Old Blog Posts

June 6, 2016By Ben Cope

It’s difficult to generate content that will strike gold time and time again, so we’re tempted to reuse posts that proved successful. Fortunately, Google agrees with this approach, in fact, even encourages it. We explore the question to whether or not you should recycle your old content. Republishing Old Content Online activity is the key to user … Read More

10 Great Content Ideas for Small Business

June 2, 2016By Ben Cope

It’s a well-known fact that content is one of the most important aspects of ranking well. It should be a fundamental part of your SEO strategy. But many small businesses don’t know what content to create. Here are a few guidelines to help you get the content you need to support your marketing goals. Most … Read More

In-house SEO Costs Guide

May 30, 2016By Ben Cope

When it comes to SEO you can always attempt to handle your own efforts. But you should know what it takes to be successful and effectively boost your rankings. Let’s take a look at the real inhouse SEO costs, and whether it’s an effective model for your business. The exact cost of doing your own … Read More

How Small Businesses Can Compete With Big Ones in Google

May 29, 2016By Ben Cope

As a small business, successfully competing against established giants on the search engine scene can seem unattainable. Or is it? With the right focus and the implementation of smart SEO strategies, you can seize opportunities others overlooked. In this article, we uncover proven strategies that can elevate the competitiveness of small businesses.   Can Small Businesses Get … Read More