84 Best SEO Tips for Beginners

January 2, 2017By James WongSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) 2 Comments

There’s a wealth of SEO techniques and tactics for you to consume online, however not all of them are straightforward to apply and can take some time to implement. Here are the best SEO tips for beginners which include actionable and essential SEO tactics for better search engine results. SEO Tips for Beginners Let’s jump right in. Use … Read More

Which SEO-Friendly Headlines Get More Clicks?

October 18, 2016By James WongContent Strategy No Comments

Avoiding learning how to write effective SEO-friendly headlines because you’re not a copywriter is not a solution. How do you know the copywriter you’re paying to create SEO-friendly headlines for you has a good success rate? The first challenge of writing an SEO-friendly headline is quite simple. It has to include the keyword you want … Read More

Website Optimisation for Beginners

October 4, 2016By James WongSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) No Comments

By applying the fundamentals of website optimisation you can boost your search engine ranking efforts and get yourself on Google’s radar. Here’s our handy guide to honing your first website and achieving better all-round SEO.   What is Website Optimisation? Website optimisation is the continual process of making sure that your website is as perfect, … Read More