Every website has the potential to be even better. Nowadays people can get weighed down with just the SEO of their site, but it’s important to remember that ultimately your site is for your visitors, not Googlebot. If people aren’t finding your content engaging, useful or original then neither will Google. It might sound obvious, but it’s integral that you don’t lose sight of your priority – your users. You aren’t going to climb the ranks of Google if people aren’t interested in your site.

How to create an SEO aware, but mediocre website

Though these are all important factors to consider, without high-quality content that serves users’ needs your site won’t be the best it can be.

How to create a high quality, successful website

  • Consider the needs of your users and meet them
  • Provide useful information in your own distinctive tone
  • Decide on and implement changes that will improve the site for users
  • Review pages individually and create a list of how you can better them
  • Look at similar competitor sites, see where they’re stronger than you and then work on this area

No site achieves success by monitoring the number of words a page contains. Quite simply, if these words don’t come together to form actually engaging content, the number of words used is immaterial. Though SEO is an essential and valuable tool in helping people find your website, it’s important to not get bogged down in its technicalities. Your visitors are humans, not bots!

How to improve your website

Depending on the service your site provides, you can tackle upping your content game in a number of ways. If you’re offering a guide to fixing a light fitting, how could it be simpler? How could you solve your user’s problem faster or more effectively?

Don’t update content for the sake of it. Instead, deeply consider how you can make a page:

  • Simpler
  • Quicker to load
  • More informative
  • More unique and original
  • More up to date
  • More functional on mobiles
  • More navigable
  • More visually impressive

A website is never complete until you’re reaching the rank that you want to be at or are providing a service superior to that of your competition. Constantly review and identify room for improvement. A good place to start is by taking a look at the Google webmaster guidelines and checking out competitor sites that also cover your area. Identify why other pages are doing so well and use this to optimise your website and make it appealing to the actual people you want engaging with it.

We can help

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