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  • Review your full website code, content and performance
  • Checklist of over 120 factors to uncover any possible errors
  • Highlight your serious issues and show you what needs fixing
  • Flat fee of £895. Money back if we can't find 3 areas where you can improve
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Harry Bingham, Managing Director, The Writers’ Workshop

“I’d thoroughly recommend these guys. I know quite a lot about SEO but The Content Works uncovered a ton of issues and gave really clear, practical guidance about what was a priority and what was merely a nice-to-have. I’ll commission another audit in a year or two’s time, just to make sure we’re still on track.”

Harry Bingham, Managing Director, The Writers’ Workshop

Do I need an audit?

If any of the issues below sound familiar to you, then you're a perfect fit for an audit:

  • Your website isn't ranking well for your desired Google search terms
  • You've just launched a brand new website but you do not know exactly how to make sure it's working as it should
  • Your website is over 24-months old and may not adhere to current web standards
  • You're losing position in search engines for terms you used to rank well for
  • You're not converting visitors into customers and you don't know why you can't get traction

If your website isn't performing how you think it should, don't hesitate further, you might be losing customers and market share. You need an audit. While Free SEO audits sound good, ultimately you get what you pay for and most free SEO audit tools output data that is littered with red herrings.

What do I get in my audit?

Your audit is a bespoke, personal service and will be supplied as an actionable PDF report outlining all your issues and our recommendations on how to fix them. We'll also follow-up with a phone call to discuss the audit with you and answer any questions you have. We don't just run an automated audit and send it to you with a covering email. We start with a phone call to establish your objectives and any current issues. We then spend hours looking over every aspect of your website - both manually and using cutting-edge tools - to uncover your major issues. We assess all the data and compare it to your business objectives in order to prioritise your issues. We're available to discuss your report over the phone or at our office to ensure you make the most of our service. Our audits include over 120 different checks. Here's an outline:


Technical SEO Analysis

Are the technical elements of your website set up correctly? Is your code confusing search engines? What can you do to improve your crawl efficiency and optimise ranking factors? We manually check 76-points to cover-off every aspect of your website's setup. From your structured data to your sitemaps and caching to minified code; we've got it covered. 

code optimization128 - Actionable SEO Website Audit
structure 1 - Actionable SEO Website Audit

Backlink Audit

Backlinks are a powerful ranking factor but can work against you too. According to Google any links intended to manipulate a site's ranking may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Your rivals can try to get you blacklisted just by adding your website to link farms. Are you at risk? We will audit the sites linking to you and determine whether or not any backlinks should be disavowed.

targeting - Actionable SEO Website Audit

Keyword Analysis

If you don't know the keywords you're ranking for and more importantly, the ones you're not, you have a problem. We'll establish the keywords you're ranking for and show you exactly where you're ranking in Google. From this research we'll highlight meaningful keyword opportunities where you can look to efficiently improve your ranking and generate more sales.

analytics - Actionable SEO Website Audit

Content Health Check

Every page on your website is content and it's read by your potential customers and by search engines such as Google. But is your content's structure confusing customers and search engines? Are your on-page elements like titles, meta tags, H1s and focus keywords working as a team or fighting against each other? Duplicate content, missing meta descriptions, poor anchor text and internal links will affect your rank and engagement. Ultimately is your content adding value to your business, driving more awareness, conversions and sales? We'll show you what's working and where you can improve.

responsive web design - Actionable SEO Website Audit

Mobile Optimisation

The number of mobile-only internet users has exceeded those using a desktop and now 60% of the total time spent online shopping is done through a mobile device. It's no longer important to have a mobile-responsive website, it's critical. Your website's page speed and mobile-responsiveness are two key factors Google uses to decide whether to show your website in its search results. Technology like AMP means that even mobile-ready websites are in danger of being left behind. We'll show you how you stack-up and how you can improve.

social networks - Actionable SEO Website Audit

Visitor Engagement

A search engine like Google measures how visitors engage with your website and reward websites that provide a better user experience by placing them higher in the search engine results. It pays to ensure your website's visitors stick around as if they click on your website from a search result page and then bounce back to Google, they're sending a negative signal that your website doesn't offer what they're looking for. Engagement falls into the wider field of User Experience. We'll highlight all the content on your site that's harming your reputation with Google and recommend ways to fix it and improve your UX.


Do you want to improve your rankings, drive more traffic and maximise your conversions?

How involved do I need to be?

Leave it to us. The first step of the audit process is for you to talk us through your business, your website and the issues you're aware of. This provides us with a great focal point for further investigation. We'll also need full access to the accounts connected to your website, including your website back-end, website analytics package - typically Google Analytics - Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools plus any other tools you use to track or monitor user metrics and engagement. We'll take care of the rest.

Can you fix the issues you find?

Yes. Once you've read your audit, we can discuss the issues and prioritize the order we fix them. We work with a wide range of professionals, from WordPress Developers, to UX consultants, Paid Search specialists, freelance writers, designers and many other expert guns for hire. We also work with our client's in-house teams, to ensure our feedback is implemented exactly as intended. You choose the direction you want to go in and we'll be right behind you.

How much does it all cost?

The Professional audit costs £895

Your audit will be supplied as an actionable PDF report outlining all your issues and our recommendations on how to fix them. Supporting files will include your keyword ranking file, backlink landscape, full website crawl including all meta data and your visitor engagement PDFs showing your content opportunities.  The report is sent digitally but we also send you a high-quality printed version of the PDF in the post. We follow up every audit report with a phone call. We can also come to your offices to discuss our findings.

Audit extras

We offer a range of extra options that enable you to customise your audit to further suit your requirements. 

Express Delivery +£180
If you need your audit delivered as soon as possible, then our Express option is for you. We’ll get to work on your audit the day you commission us and deliver it within 72 hours.

Face to Face Presentation +£395
Every audit is followed-up with a telephone call to run you through out results and make sure you’re fully up to speed. However some of our clients like us to present our findings their their team. No problem! We’ll come to you and present our findings over a 3-hour meeting.

Show where your rivals rank for your keywords +£145
We’ll use the keywords you’re ranking for and check three rival websites against the same keywords to build a ranking landscape. This is a great way of helping you understand your market share and help you prioritise the keywords you want to focus on.

Backlink Intersection +£145
One of the best ways to increase referral traffic and improve your organic standing in search engines is to improve the number of websites linking to yours. Our backlink intersection will show you the websites linking to three of your rivals. Delivered as a list of exact URLs linking to your rival’s domains.

User Testing +£295
Pick a specific page on your site to get feedback. We show your page to 10 real users who answer five pre-selected questions. You'll get written answers to our questions about your landing page. We can segment the testing panel to closely match your target audience.

I'm ready, how do we get going?

Great! Drop an email to with your contact details or call 0207 305 55 99. We'll schedule in a time for our kick-off meeting. You're just one step away from discovering quick wins and increasing conversions.

If we can't find at least 3 areas of your website that require optimising, we'll give you your money back

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