Website competition analysis

Turn your competition into your best ally.

Our competitor analysis provides you with the data and insight to make better decisions. Whether you're entering a new niche, establishing your content strategy or looking for a new perspective, we can provide you with distilled data and insight on how your website is performing and what your competitor's strategy looks like.

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Our competition analysis makes the unknown, known

The three steps to delivering you clarity

1. Research

We discuss your website, establish your goals and where you feel your website could improve.

2. Understand

We start your website audit. Our audits use cutting-edge tools and good old-fashioned manual testing.

3. Engage

Categorised by section, with your priority issues highlighted. We discuss your audit and next steps.


Our competitor analysis services:


Keyword Research

It's not important to know the keywords driving traffic in your niche, it's critical. Keywords underpin the content on your site, so it's vital you get accurate data, including looking to your competitors to see the high-value keywords they're converting into sales.


Competitor Ranking

We'll benchmark your competitors for the keywords you're ranking for. We'll also discover the keywords they rank for and you don't. From this research, we'll highlight meaningful keyword opportunities where you can look to efficiently improve your ranking and generate more sales.


Website Content Audits

Who's producing content that's dominating organic search in your niche - and what can you learn from them? Our in-depth content audit compares your site to your rivals and market leaders. Know what content you need in order to succeed.



Backlink Intersection

Backlinks are a strong ranking factor for search engines like Google but they're notoriously hard to get. Our backlink intersection shows you the websites linking to your rivals but not you. These are great opportunities in order to focus your link-building campaign.


Website Architecture

User experience is dominated by a website's architecture and navigation structure. A poor navigation experience erodes a user's trust in your site, lowers dwell times and increases bounce rate. Learn from and improve on your competition.


Price Comparison

You want to know what your competitors are selling, where they're selling it and what they're selling it for. Our price comparison gives you the data you need in order to make an informed decision on what you want to sell online and how competitive you can be.


Extract relevant insights, use them to inform your key decisions and stay ahead of your competition

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Why people choose us


what we do

We discuss your objectives in detail before starting your project. We then manually test using our expert analysis, in-house scripts and cutting-edge tools. We compile the results into an actionable report and follow-up with a face-to-face meeting to discuss our findings.


..and what we don't

We don't outsource your project, everything is run in-house. Nor do we run automated audits, sent to you with our branding overlaid. Our work is bespoke to each of our clients.


Here's what our customers say about what our services mean to them:

Harry Bingham, Managing Director, The Writers’ Workshop

“I’d thoroughly recommend these guys. I know quite a lot about SEO but The Content Works uncovered a ton of issues and gave really clear, practical guidance about what was a priority and what was merely a nice-to-have. I’ll commission another audit in a year or two’s time, just to make sure we’re still on track.”

Harry Bingham, Managing Director, The Writers’ Workshop
Robin Winch, Partner, Bennett Winch

“As a purely e-commerce player, we need to ensure our website is hitting the right markers and driving maximum sales. Ben and his team are experts in this area and turned around a solid audit in under a week, then took the time to talk me through it in detail. Will be working with them again in the future.”

Robin Winch, Partner, Bennett Winch
Ed Marriage – Publishing Director, Factory Media

“Ben at The Content Works has an excellent understanding of all aspects of SEO but most of all we chose to work with him because we trust him completely, he’s down to earth and pragmatic. He takes time to understand our business and makes practical recommendations that make a real difference. There’s no lofty theory, just sound advice based on the realities.”

Ed Marriage – Publishing Director, Factory Media
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