Website & Domain Migrations

A poor migration will cost you traffic, sales and rankings

Migrations are exciting!

If you're thinking of migrating your website, or rebranding then you're clearly at a pivotal stage in your business - exciting times.

A successful migration involves a set of clearly defined steps to ensure the process is implemented properly. A poor migration can lead to a huge drop in search visibility, a website that just doesn't work or a ticking time bomb in terms of dead links and a chaotic set of redirects.

There are a variety of different migrations, including:

Switching from HTTP to HTTPS
The secure protocol offers a slight ranking advantage and inspires user confidence in your website, regardless of whether you sell online. Shortly Google will display a 'Not Secure' message on websites that aren't using HTTPS.

Domain name change
If you're changing your domain, it's important to ensure you don't lose the equity built-up in the old domain. A domain migration is one of the most challenging and involves more risks, which is why it's important to follow an agreed plan.

Website restructure
If yours is an established website and you're restructuring the main navigation and main sections, this will change the path of the URLs on your site. Without proper mapping and implementation, you'll lose search engine visibility, traffic and potentially send your visitors to non-existent pages.

“It’s great working with Ben at The Content Works, he’s obviously very knowledgeable but able to explain in non-technical terms we can understand. He was able to outline realistic time frames and set expectations so we knew what was going to happen and what we would achieve within our budget.”

Mark Chandler – Managing Director, Vale Furnishers

We can manage your migration, hassle-free.

We've handled countless migrations for clients and learned a lot along the way. There are around 30 different checks we performing during the most technical of migrations, a domain migration and switch to HTTPS. These steps include ranking and traffic benchmarks, authority backlink analysis, internal links and URL mapping.

Migration is exciting but only if it's done right.