Google Analytics Dashboards

Make better decisions with an instant overview of your website's key metrics

Key metrics to help you make better decisions

Beyond monthly visitor numbers and page views, most website owners couldn't tell you much about their website visitors. They're in the dark.

A website dashboard solves this problem and delivers you a weekly and monthly summary of your website's key metrics, in one easy to digest PDF.

A website dashboard helps you understand more about your website's visitors; where they're coming from, the top pages they're visiting, how long they spend on the page and whether or not they convert. It puts you in a strong position to make better decisions about the type of content you publish, how you promote your website and how to improve your visitor engagement.

Sent directly into your inbox on a weekly or monthly basis, our website dashboards save you time and put you in the picture.

“It’s great working with Ben at The Content Works, he’s obviously very knowledgeable but able to explain in non-technical terms we can understand. He was able to outline realistic time frames and set expectations so we knew what was going to happen and what we would achieve within our budget.”

Mark Chandler – Managing Director, Vale Furnishers