Social Media Advertising

Reach a highly-engaged audience and drive new customers to your business

What is Paid Social?

Social media advertising, often called Paid Social, is a brilliant way to target your audience.

Due to the information that social media users share in their profiles, you can build highly-targeted campaigns and serve adverts to people who are much more likely to enage with - and help share - your message.

Your social media campaign can have many goals, from building your company's social media following to sharing your content, to driving clicks to your website.

We can help you build an effective paid social campaign

Reaching the right audience isn't easy. Different channels deliver different responses, depending on your product or service. We start by understanding your goals, budget, timeline. You'll help us get a better understanding of who your customers are, so that we can focus on the channels that we know will make a difference.

Using this data, we can establish the best social media platforms to help you reach your goals and give you an understanding of the potential audience size.

We'll build your campaign and can even design your creative. We then implement your campaign, connecting it with your website so it can be fully tracked.


“It’s great working with Ben at The Content Works, he’s obviously very knowledgeable but able to explain in non-technical terms we can understand. He was able to outline realistic time frames and set expectations so we knew what was going to happen and what we would achieve within our budget.”

Mark Chandler – Managing Director, Vale Furnishers


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