We would all love to sit at the top spot in the first page of Google, but it’s not that simple. Most SEO companies will claim they will propel you to the top, but would it generate any real value to your business? Here we explore the realities of achieving the number one golden spot and the questionable promises made by many SEO freelancers.

Page One Ranking Google Concept

Most SEO companies market their services on the promise that they guarantee you a page one listing in Google. It might be true for one keyword or many, depending on your budget of course. It sounds good to many business owners because being on the first page of Google is good for business.

Around eight out of 10 SEO companies guarantee results on Google. And the remaining two that don’t will probably get better results than the ones who do. That’s because some companies still insist they can guarantee your rankings when in reality, they really can’t.

You may indeed rank on the first page of Google for a specific keyword, but it’s not enough.

One reason why it’s not necessarily good enough is simply because some keywords don’t get enough searches. Some don’t even get searched at all. It doesn’t help if you are on the first page of Google for a keyword that no one searches for; that won’t bring you any visitors. You need to know the search volumes of the keywords they are ranking you for, to know if it will help your business at all.

It’s not uncommon for SEO companies to choose a small number of keywords with a low search volume and then rank you for those. It’s fairly easy to do that, as opposed to choosing keywords with a high search volume and a lot of competition. Understandably your SEO company can only rank you according to what your budget allows, but you should nevertheless know what you’ll be ranking for.

So what exactly is a ‘good’ search volume? It depends on the industry you are in.

Some industries are simply more competitive than others, and there will be more searches for specific keywords or phrases. It all comes down to demand – what users want when they search. The higher your budget, the more keywords you can target, but the SEO service you get should nevertheless be relevant and have a decent search volume.

Google’s Search Marketing Guidelines

SEOs should know that Google has some pretty straightforward marketing guidelines when it comes to optimising a website. Marketers tend to bend the rules a little to benefit their clients and their profits, but the fact remains the same:

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

Anyone who does, should not be taken seriously. Luckily, any reputable SEO firm won’t use this as a marketing tactic; they will tell you straight up that it’s an ongoing process and although you are likely to get on the first page with their efforts, they cannot always guarantee it.

Also, keep in mind that rankings are unstable. Google regularly implements changes and updates their search algorithms, so it’s impossible to guarantee a spot in the first place for a specific period of time. That’s something that your SEO probably won’t tell you.

Google expressly warns against companies that claim they can guarantee rankings or that they have a special relationship with Google. This simply isn’t true and won’t help your rankings at all.

SEO services aren’t cheap – at least the good ones aren’t – but if you consider the work, research, data collection, and implementation that goes into a solid SEO plan, it will make good sense.

Local Results in Google

What’s more – if you search for ‘SEO company’ where you are locally, and you travel just a few hours to a different location and search again, you’ll find different results. That’s because Google constantly works to customise search results according to your geographic location. You want the best search experience, and that is why local optimisation is so important.

If you want to find a dentist in your area, it won’t help if Google gives you a list of dentists half way around the world. But if it gives you a list of dentists in your area, you may be interested. That’s what you should remember when it comes to search engine positioning – local optimisation is important.

It’s no wonder that more SEO agencies are starting to steer away from this promise. It simply isn’t good business anymore. Search engines are becoming increasingly complicated to dominate and although you may have a great strategy to get good results on a regular basis, guaranteeing them is just impossible.

Working with a reputable SEO agency

They key to a successful SEO campaign and getting the best search results within Google is working with a reputable agency. An SEO team that has proven results, and has clients to prove it. Successful SEO is not a one-off effort. It’s an ongoing strategy that should be continuously improved, tweaked and executed.

A successful SEO strategy also consists of multiple components. The most important of which is optimising your website for a specific list of keywords. This is why content is so important; good quality content will lay the foundation for your rankings within Google.

The next aspect to consider is beating your competitors. This can be done in many ways, and your SEO will explain this in more detail. You can also consider running paid advertising campaigns, among others. It all depends on your budget and your industry. But with the right tools you have all the possibility of ranking well within Google – even on the first page.

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