When it comes to link building, getting the right links to your website is essential. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to get people to link to your website.

Part of getting your website to rank well within search engines is continuously working on your link building strategy. For this to be successful, you need quality websites to link back to you. But to get this process started, you need to remember a few good rules. Here are 10 great ways to get people to link back to your website.

  1. Create quality content

Make sure that your website has quality, authoritative content. You need to provide value to your readers and this is why you should always ensure that you have fresh and updated content to display. This does not always have to be written pages; you can include a variety of content types like articles, tutorials, how-to guides, infographics and more. You can contact similar websites and let them know what content you have created. You can then ask them if they want to link back to your website.

  1. Find out who is using your content

People often copy content from other sources online. It easy and affordable way to populate your website with great content. Unfortunately, having copy content can be risky. There are many ways to determine whether or not someone has copied the content from your website. You can simply do a Google search for a specific sentence from one of your content pages. It will show you a list of sites in the results that contain your content. If they are using your content without permission, tell them that they can continue using your content, as long as they credit you with a link back to your website.

  1. Replicate great content

Do a little research and find out who is linking to your most important competitors. Find out what content they are linking to, and why they are linking to it. You can create similar content that is higher in value, so you can attract similar websites. Contact the website and ask them whether they want to link your newly created content.

  1. Create great content from other websites

You can contact a list of relevant websites and blogs, and asked them if you can publish content on their website. They will get free content that is valuable and of high quality, but in return you will need them to publish a link back to your website. This is often referred to as guest posting. Just make sure that you don’t ask your competitors to publish content on the website.

  1. Write for popular publications

If you have knowledge of experience in a specific area of, you can offer your expertise to local online publishers. This will give you great exposure and you will be allowed to add a byline and link back to your website. You can research to find the best publications that have a large subscriber base. This is also great way to put your brand in front of local customers.

  1. Create and distribute video content

Another great way to get people to link to your site is to create your own videos, instead of written content. You can publish them on your website to attract links, and you can also upload them to various video sharing website. This will give you additional back links to your website. Choose a topic that is relevant your industry, and provide as much value as possible within the video.

  1. Create great infographics

Infographics have become very popular recently. They provide a great visual appeal to websites, and is a wonderful way to add variety to the additional written content. You can create infographics a wide variety of topics, and you can also submit in various infographics directories. This will help you to get back into the website, especially if you allow others to publish your infographics with a credit to you.

  1. Leverage your business relationships

You can use your existing business relationships to help build links for your website. If they are one of your suppliers, try asking if they can link to your website, and in return write an article about them or give a review. If it is a customer of yours, you can offer them the possibility of exchanging links to each other. These will be relevant links, as it will be similar to your industry and related to your specific business.

  1. Provide reviews or testimonials

Make a list of businesses that you have recently worked with. Contact them and asked them if you can provide a review or testimonial for their website. In exchange you can add a link back to your website.

  1. Comment on popular blogs and forums

If you comment on forums and blogs that are related the industry, we can help with your LinkedIn profile. Most blogs will allow you to leave your name with your comment, which also access the link. Forums will often allow you to have a signature area that you can use to get back into your website.

Building your billing profile may take some time and it is something that will gradually improve. It’s an ongoing effort, and with these proven techniques, you can significantly increase the number of back links to your website. Remember to keep the links relevant always associate your backlinks with great content.

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