High-quality content is at the heart of any successful content marketing campaign, (if you’re not convinced, take a look at our article on why auto-generated content won’t help you rank) but it is your choice of topic and the subject header that drives traffic.

The title of your page content is the first thing a reader sees. So what are the secret ingredients that make a title clickable. Below are five types of content that increase traffic and receive the most click-throughs.


‘How To’ articles

One of the most commonly asked questions search engines receive is ‘How do I…?’ It stands to reason then that ‘How To…’ articles are going to receive a lot of traffic in accordance with comparative search terms.

How to articles are also a good way of establishing yourself as an expert in your industry. Providing in-depth knowledge showcases your authority on the chosen subject and builds trust with customers.

So when creating how to articles, keep the subject matter relevant to your core products and services. Also include keywords you want your business to rank for.

To enhance readability of the articles, set out each instruction in steps so the content can be quickly scanned. If possible, include images of somebody demonstrating relevant steps, or if the advice is computer based, take shots of relevant screens.

List articles

It may come as a surprise to many readers, but list articles are one of the most popular type of content that increase traffic with your readers. Not only are they a source of useful information, but they also promote intrigue and curiosity people cannot resist.

Furthermore, list articles are commonly shared. We can only assume this is so end-users can prove a point to their friends following a drunken debate the previous weekend.

The danger with list articles however, is that you can list the same items as other websites whereby the articles are not considered as unique and thus can reduce the value and credibility of your brand. However, this is sometimes unavoidable so be sure to write your list in a new and interested way. And if possible add more information.

Another reason list posts are so popular is because the titles inform readers exactly what they can expect to find in the article. They are the easiest titles to write and usually start with the number of items in your list. “5 best sea battles in history,” “22 celebrities that wear ray bans” “10 free tools to improve your blog” etc.

News stories

News stories serve several functions. They are quick and easy to write, give you easy access to content ideas, enable you to upload content on your blog more often, and most importantly attract the eye of readers.

People want to fresh information and are obsessed with news stories so they are armed with details about trending subjects other people are talking about. Or so they can start off a conversation.

Furthermore, because people want to be inspirational, useful, informative or express their interest, news stories are highly shareable content that increase traffic on social media networks thus can open you up to a wider audience.

To enhance your chances of receiving click-throughs, you could even mention that the news is new. “UK Government launch new initiative to help start-ups”, “Scientists shocked by results of new survey,” or “New evidence reveals banks create money out of thin air.”

Obviously the news you are reporting has to be true and from a credible source. But news stories can be about anything – even branded content to inform your customers of new developments within your company or industry or what happened at the event you went to recently.

New product releases

You could argue that new product releases fall into the category of news articles, but it is a versatile subject that merits a space of its own. If your company is releasing a new project, you want to give it as much exposure as possible and can enhance your brand reputation and product awareness by publishing various pieces of content that demonstrate various aspects of your product.

For example, you can generate interest in your products pre-launch by describing the development process and informing customers of the progress and possible challenges you had to overcome to make it even more perfect for end-users.

If you are an affiliate company and sell products on behalf of other companies such as smartphones or cars, you can generate interest in the product by publishing rumours that have been leaked deliberately on purpose by the manufacturing company.

Product articles are one of the easiest types of content to create as they basically write themselves. However, you do have to be careful how you present the content.

The rule of thumb here is to show not tell, or rather show not sell. Customers want to read about what your product does and how it will make their life better. They don’t want to be told how great it is and how much better it is than your competitors. Leave that to reviewers.

Q&A with an expert

We’d love to say mention a celebrity here, but that is not possible for the majority of businesses. Unless you get wind of an A-lister using the same bath salts you’re selling – or whatever it is you sell – then mention of celebrities is off limits. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still generate great content that increase traffic.

The next best thing is a Q&A session with an expert, and every industry has an expert. You can choose to interview one person here, or base your content around a specific theme and source comments about the topic from other experts, either by contacting them directly and asking for comments or sourcing a comment they have left on Twitter or other social network.

If you can get a quote from a celebrity in your industry, then by all means, plug them in your title to attract more clicks. Failing the prospect of landing a household name, contact an influencer in your industry. Most will be open to offer comments and attract more exposure for their website.

If you are struggling to create content ideas every week, you can always fall back on the tried and trusted topics for your industry. And if you want to increase traffic, make sure you include the five examples above at regular intervals.

Creating content that increase traffic isn’t easy, but if you keep these tips in mind, you’re well on your well to more successful articles in the future.


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