Speed Up WordPress

August 18, 2018By Ben CopeSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) 5 Comments

Improving WordPress speed is a no-brainer. Website load speed is a Google ranking factor, so a faster site means better ranking, more traffic, a better user experience and more conversions . In this guide we show you how to speed up WordPress, optimize your website and reduce page load times.   How to use this guide … Read More

Should You Buy Backlinks?

November 9, 2017By Ben CopeSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) 1 Comment

Many businesses find that buying backlinks is often much easier than having to naturally acquire them. It offers a faster way of building your link profile – but is it really worth it? We run through the risks and how to earn more natural backlinks in an SEO friendly way.  What is a backlink? Backlink is … Read More