How to Check Your Website Ranking in Google

November 9, 2017By Ben Cope

It’s easy to check where your website ranks in search engines like Google. There are free online rank checker tools and paid-for rankings checkers which give you a basic idea of where you’re ranking for certain keywords. Here are several tips to help you navigate SEO tools like Google Search Console and things to bear in … Read More

Best Website Structure: A Guide

November 9, 2017By James Wong

Without good site structure, it can be difficult for users to navigate your site. In this guide, we cover the best website structure to appeal to both humans and search engines.   What is Website Structure? A website’s structure (sometimes referred to as the taxonomy) is a way to organise a website’s content. When you … Read More

Easily Optimise Your Shopify Images

July 18, 2017By Ana Dukakis

If you’re looking to sell products online, you may be looking to host your website on an ecommerce platform like Shopify. You may in fact already be doing so! If you are, then you’ll know that images play a major part in both attracting potential customers’ attention, and giving them crucial information about the product … Read More

Shopify Page Speed – Make it Usain Bolt fast!

June 26, 2017By Ana Dukakis

Shopify is one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms, allowing you to quickly set up an online store. It’s great for making beautiful eCommerce sites relatively quickly and easily. Out-of-the-box, Shopify page speed is good but it can be vastly improved. PLEASE! Before you read this guide, check out our compendium ‘How to do … Read More

Pro Bono: Building Second Sunday 5’s new website

June 15, 2017By Ben Cope

Second Sunday 5 is a cross-country running event on Wimbledon Common, organised by the UK’s oldest running club, Thames Hare & Hounds. We built a new website for SS5, for free. I’ve been known to bother the middle-order at the occasional Second Sunday 5 event. I really liked the simplicity of the events and the … Read More

5-Point SEO Content Audit Checklist

June 8, 2017By Ana Dukakis

Having great quality content is crucial in getting your page to rank – you need to give visitors something worth visiting if you want your page to succeed! But let’s say you’ve already created some great work (if not, we have some ideas how to improve it) – how can you get it noticed by … Read More

Optimise your Shopify Store in 1 Hour

May 25, 2017By Ana Dukakis

So your Shopify store is up and running (congratulations!) – but can it be even better? The answer is likely yes, and this is where optimisation comes in. By optimising your store, you’ll be improving your page speeds, overall user experience, and by extension your ranking with search engines. These points should help you both … Read More

If businesses were named to rank better in Google

May 24, 2017By Ben Cope

What if companies were named purely to rank better in search engines? We did a little bit of light Photoshopping to show you what the world might look like had Google not rolled out its EMD update.                                   Whether … Read More

10 SEO Myths Dispelled by Experts

May 22, 2017By Ana Dukakis

There are a lot of SEO myths out there. Sometimes, these myths are SEO assumptions that used to ring true, but no longer make sense in the fast-changing SEO landscape of today. Others still hold a kernel of truth, but have been distorted so much that the so-called ‘fact’ that grows out of it is not … Read More

Optimise Your WordPress Site in 1 hour

May 20, 2017By Ana Dukakis

If you have a WordPress-based website – or any kind of website, for that matter – you’ve probably realised that even if you launch a website that looks great, it’s highly likely it’ll be far from well-optimised. If you want it to rank, follow these steps.   What is WordPress Optimisation? WordPress is a fantastically … Read More