Ellidore's homepage now loads in 1.5 seconds, 360% faster than before


Reduction in the physical page size, down to 873kb from 1750kb


The number of Javascript and CSS files we combined down to just two, helping improve page load speed

The client

A luxury lifestyle management company with over 100 high-profile international clients. Ellidore offer a bespoke service and specialise in getting their clients access to the world’s most desirable events and experiences.

Their issue

While Ellidore have a classy website that reflects their traditional brand values and premium offering, the page load speeds were poor. This had a direct effect on their organic rankings, meaning the company were losing traction on key search terms they had been ranking well for - losing visitors as a result.

Their missed opportunity

Ellidore weren’t aware of Google’s mobile-first indexing and didn’t realise their page load speeds - now a ranking factor - were directly affecting their visitor numbers, leading to a lower conversion ratio.

The need for change

Our competitor analysis uncovered the terms that our client needed to target to rank, whilst our technical audit highlighted several UX issues with the site that were leading to a high bounce rate.

To remedy this, we therefore needed to optimise product pages, resolve general technical issues, improve crawl efficiency and on the whole make the site more user-friendly.

The solution

After consulting with Ellidore, they opted for our Website Speed Optimisation service. We demonstrated their page load speeds and showed the team one example of how they could supercharge their website’s speed.

We start by looking at the top 5 pages on their site, benchmarking the page load speeds, sizes and other crucial page speed configuration metrics.

From here we could see the main issues, from bulky images that require optimisation to excessive CSS and Javascript calls, due to the site running a handful of plugins. This is a common issue with any WordPress-based website.

We also looked for opportunities to minify the code. Javascript, HTML and CSS scripts were all compressed, helping us reduce server load and increase website load speeds/

We enabled GZIP compression on the server and browser caching, meaning that all file sizes were compressed but also that users kept copies of the files on their machine, meaning each successive page request could be delivered faster due to the files having already been downloaded.

Their results

ellidore before - Website Speed Optimisation - Case Study
The graphic above show's ellidore.com's page speed metrics before The Content Works optimisation and below shows our results

ellidore after - Website Speed Optimisation - Case Study


Ellidore’s homepage loaded in 6.9 seconds before we carried out our Website Speed Optimisation. After we’d researched the issues and applied our fixes, the load speed was reduced by 4.4 seconds to 1.5 seconds; 3.6 x faster.

Our optimisation of the images and code cut the page size from 1.75MB to 0.87MB, almost 50% smaller.

We also combined files, so that less server-round-trips are required to render each page. We reduced requests from 61 to 47, a significant saving that helps every page on the site load at lightning speed.

Our optimisation of this established WordPress-based website has left Ellidore in a strong positon to regain traction in Google, their main source of new leads.

This important reduction in page speed will help Ellidore gain traction in search engines like Google. It will also ensure each visitor has a faster, smoother experience, leading to more visitors discovering the full-range of Ellidore’s services.

Our Website Speed Optimisation Service 

The Content Works can help your site get up to speed with our site speed optimisation service. We'll benchmark your page load speeds, optimize your assets, retest your website and demonstrate your gains. Find out more by visiting our website speed optimisation services page