The client

Our client is a self storage company, Self Storage Hampshire, and recently opened their first facility in Aldershot, Hampshire.

Their issue

As they had just got started, our client was unsure of how best to attract a local audience whilst also competing with national self storage companies on a local level.

The solution

It’s vital to establish your market before you spend any time trying to optimise your website. The self storage market is very targeted so to ensure our client would achieve valuable traffic, local SEO was our main focus. A clean sitemap and lightweight, optimised articles also ensured we took advantage of Google’s ranking factors.

We began creating our client’s online presence with a lightweight, mobile-responsive website on the WordPress platform, designed with speed in mind.

After carrying out content audit on competition and researching the keywords searchers were using on a national and local level,  we then registered Self Storage Hampshire in Google Local and other directory listings to give it a good foundation in local search.

We then published 50 search engine optimised articles to provide guides and meet local searcher’s needs. Articles addressed various pain points users might have, from from how to store your caravan properly to the opening times of the local civic amenity site. We knew that with the right content, we could help local searchers find what they were looking for and in the process, beat established directories such as to bring in search traffic. These informative guides ensured we could target searchers who were looking to create space in their home - a strong source of customers for self-storage facilities.

After determining that site taxonomy should be kept simple, we ensured all pages linked to a predefined goal page in order to easily funnel website visitors to an area where they could convert. By providing a bespoke telephone number on the website, Self Storage Hampshire were also able to gauge the effectiveness of the website in driving new business.

Their success

An example of a typical results page for a local keyword search



Google Search Console screenshot shows the average ranking position for the entire site
image (2)
Total Traffic, Organic Traffic and Percentage Organic Traffic to Self Storage Hampshire from January 2013 to December 2014. The graph shows how organic traffic to the site was increased.

Through our process of research, creation, evaluation, and refining, we quickly managed to get Self Storage Hampshire in front of a local audience with quality content showcasing a trustworthy local business.

Creating a website and its original content from scratch, we were able to get our client’s website to rank at a number one position for over 20 local keywords and reach an average position of 10.5 for broader search terms. Our client had to add further to capacity in order to meet demand - a clear indication of the success of the website.

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