Revenue increase following site launch


The average page speed increase across the website


Increase in the number of transactions on new website

The client

An award-winning luxury bath and body company, our client specialises in boutique cosmetics and beauty gifts.

Their issue

Our SEO audit of the client’s website quickly unearthed a number of technical issues which were preventing the site ranking well in search engines and converting. These problems would be difficult to fix on the client’s existing ecommerce platform, and whilst a quick patch-up job would fix a few of the issues, this would be inefficient and lead to long-term problems.

The need for change

It was clear that our client’s website needed a full revamp from the ground up. A poor site structure was slowing page load time, whilst excess coding and a lack of on-page optimisation meant search engines were having difficulty crawling pages, therefore hindering the client’s chances of ranking in search results.

The solution

We determined that an ecommerce website rebuild was the best strategy, allowing existing technical issues to be resolved whilst moreover ensuring the client’s website would be future-proof and avoid complications down the line.

Having carried out a full website audit, using our 120-point SEO checklist and reviewing every aspect of design, UX, taxonomy, site configuration and content, we then used this insight to manage the site rebuild. The way the client’s website was created inhibited its potential to generate organic traffic. We therefore designed the optimum new structure which would result in a faster, user-friendly website with more pages indexed by search engines.

Launching the new site not only provided a quicker and more accessible experience for customers, but helped to improve site ranking due to improvements in page speed. We then extensively optimised every component of website content and product pages: all titles, URLs, meta descriptions, links, images and other on-page content. These improvements ensured that the site would be best placed to rank higher in search engines.

Though no simple feat to rebuild a website, implementing these changes sooner rather than later prevented further technical issues building up and meant that we could optimise the site within the new platform, ensuring the results of our optimisations were maximised.

Their success

A year on, eCommerce conversions have doubled on the client’s new site, whilst transactions have increased 101% and revenue has risen 112%.

The rebuilt site was fully optimised to be as fast as possible across all devices, making home page load 60% quicker, and on average 40% faster across all site pages. This helped to curb bounce rate by 14%, leading to increased site engagement and in turn more purchases.

Our on-page search engine optimisation harvested 26% growth in organic search visitors, bringing new customers to our client’s website. More visitors meant more purchases, with revenue from organic search increasing by 70%.

The impact of the site rebuild and optimisation is clear: a faster website, more visitors, a lower bounce rate and consequently increased conversions and revenue. Finally, the site rebuild has ensured a more reliable ecommerce platform for the client in the long-term to allow our client's success to continue.

How The Content Works can help you

Is your website in need of some serious TLC? The Content Works offers a thorough website SEO audit service. We review your full website code, technical configuration, content, mobile optimisation, ranking performance, site speed, backlinks and UX with our 120-point, hand-compiled audit. We then present you with an actionable report to help you drive more visitors and conversions.