The client

A leading sports publisher in both print and digital, our client launched a website in order to boost brand awareness.

Their issue

Our client created a website in the heavily saturated sector of cycling. Following on 15 months after the launch of their website, their traffic had grown to 89,000 unique users per month, however this growth curve was beginning to level off and they were still far from being the largest site in the cycling industry. The client asked us to help them develop a content strategy to raise them to over 200,000 unique users per month and become the most visited site in its sector.

Their missed opportunity

Though the publisher’s editorial team had the specialist knowledge necessary to excel in this sector, their content strategy restricted them to highly competitive keywords.

Our competitor analysis quickly identified a large set of niche topics their rivals had overlooked. This allowed us to establish specific opportunities to combine original editorial ideas with strong SEO principles in order to help our client rank for more terms, in turn increasing traffic.

The need for change

Although site content was specialist and engaging, it was being created around high volume search terms. After extensively examining the site’s leading content, link landscape and its reader’s habits, we went on to establish a strong set of niche yet valuable keyword in order to drive more traffic.

To help shape our content and curate a larger audience, we also involved industry conversation makers to ensure our content was the best it could be. To keep our client’s Editorial team in the loop, we also set up a Google Analytics dashboard so that the client would always be just one click away from information on content progress.

The solution

We carried out a technical audit, a content audit and extensive competitor analysis before collaborating with the client’s Editorial team to create a new content strategy they could embrace. This was geared towards boosting organic traffic through highly efficient and targeted keywords.

We fully optimised existing site features, renovating navigation structure and taxonomy to better fit with popular cycling sector keywords. We then created cornerstone content that surfaced and strengthened existing articles, ensuring a structure for long-term traffic.

Finally, we published fresh content that targeted niche but valuable keywords, carefully timing content publication and using social media to boost engagements.This meant that in addition to ranking for these terms, our client was also in better stead to rank for their higher volume, more competitive keywords. By tracking 250 keywords of various levels of KEI, we were able to offer more specific insights and illustrate the traction we were getting.

Their success

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In just 6 months, the site more than doubled its unique users and pageviews, with unique increasing 128% from 89,252 to 203,842 per month and boosting pageviews 114% from 345,265 to 740,048. We also helped our client rank for 104 terms in the top 10 Google UK search results, ensuring a stable stream of traffic.

Our client continues to go from strength to strength, now with 350,000 users and over 2 million page impressions per month, further establishing its market-leading position.

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