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Republishing Old Blog Posts

June 6, 2016By Ben CopeContent Strategy No Comments

It’s difficult to generate content that will strike gold time and time again, so we’re tempted to reuse posts that proved successful. Fortunately, Google agrees with this approach, in fact, even encourages it. We explore the question to whether or not you should recycle your old content. Republishing Old Content Online activity is the key to user … Read More

What is Social SEO (And is it Worth it)?

June 2, 2016By Ben CopeSocial Media No Comments

Many people are familiar with social media sites, and some are also familiar with SEO. Combining social media and SEO strategy gives you social SEO, an effective way of increasing your rankings. Here we’ll answer the question ‘What is social SEO?’ and explain how you can benefit from it. You don’t necessarily need to use social SEO … Read More

Is Google+ Dead? (Plus: What’s Next?)

June 2, 2016By Ben CopeSocial Media No Comments

Google+ didn’t exactly share the same success as Facebook and Twitter, but it doesn’t mean it holds zero value. Around 22% of online users visit Google+ at least once a month so this could be a good opportunity for your website. We take a look at whether Google+ is dead, what’s in store for the platform, and … Read More

In-house SEO Costs Guide

May 30, 2016By Ben CopeContent Strategy No Comments

When it comes to SEO you can always attempt to handle your own efforts. But you should know what it takes to be successful and effectively boost your rankings. Let’s take a look at the real inhouse SEO costs, and whether it’s an effective model for your business. The exact cost of doing your own … Read More