Starting SEO: 4 Beginner Videos

July 6, 2016By BenSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Learning to grasp SEO is difficult for the majority of us. With hundreds of factors to consider, it isn’t as simple as A to B. Optimising your website doesn’t have to also mean trawling through hundreds of SEO walkthroughs for your business to start picking up momentum. We’ve conveniently gathered 4 straight-forward SEO videos for you … Read More

21 Great Content Ideas For Your Website

July 6, 2016By Ben CopeContent Strategy

Steps to Creating Great Blog Content You know that time of the week when you come to sit down and write a piece of blog content for your website? What does that moment feel like for you? Do you worry about not conjuring up a readable piece? Or are you brimming with ideas other people … Read More

21 Points to Increase Social Media Engagement

July 2, 2016By Ben CopeSocial Media

If you’re looking for paid solutions to increase social media engagement, you should check out our post on buying followers. If you’re looking for organic ways to increase growth, keep reading on! With so many businesses on social media competing for your valuable attention, it’s hard for your brand to cut through all the noise. … Read More

Why Local SEO Reviews Are Vital (And How to Get More)

June 30, 2016By Ben CopeContent Strategy

There are countless factors that are actively influencing your Google rankings and it’s hard to keep up. Local SEO reviews, including testimonials and social media comments, are crucial indicators that reflect your customers’ sentiments about your business. Take control of your local reputation as we look at how reviews are important in helping your business … Read More

21 SEO Tips for Small Businesses

June 29, 2016By Ben CopeSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you run a small business, it’s important to always work cost effectively but also smart. Here are a few great SEO tips tailored to small businesses. Note: If you’re still looking to sort out your basic SEO foundations, make sure to check out our ultimate SEO checklist for small businesses first! Spend time on on-page and off-page … Read More

Should You Link Out to Other Websites?

June 22, 2016By Ben CopeSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It can be immensely beneficial for your SEO when you link other websites, but precautions must be taken when deciding which ones. Placing your links on specific, relevant websites could help you reap qualified traffic back to your own whereas bad links can earn you penalties from Google. We explore why not all links are equal … Read More