Many of us will stumble upon the wretched writer’s block which impedes our creative potential. Luckily, there is a wealth of idea-generating methods out there that can help you pick up momentum. Here’s 25 blog titles you can copy and paste into your next blog post.


Blog Post Titles to Unblock Your Writer’s Block

Content creation is part of any marketer and blogger’s responsibilities. Content keeps your readers engaged and if they like it, they will hopefully share it. it’s also important to make regular updates to your content and publish fresh content on your blog or website.

But sometimes it’s just hard to get the next ‘big idea’ to write about. Writer’s block happens to anyone. Luckily there are a few great ideas out there that can get you going again. Here is a list of 25 titles that you can use to craft your next great blog post.

How to Spend Less Time on [topic] Today

10 Lessons on [topic] You can Learn from [person]

25 Top Blogs to Subscribe To

10 Proven Tactics to Overcome [problem]

10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About [topic]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on [topic]

20 Facts You Did Not Know About [topic]

The Worst Advice You’ll Ever Get On [topic]

7 Must-Use Techniques to Successfully [goal]

What Will the [industry] Industry Look Like in Five Years?

7 Questions to Help You Discover Why You [problem]

3 Things About [topic] Your Boss Wants You to Know

10 Tools Everyone in [industry] Should Be Using

The 5 Critical Factors You Need to Remember in Your [topic] Process

This Simple Trick Will Save You [amount] Hours a Day

How to Determine if [task] is Worth Investing In

Infographic: How to Choose the Best [item] to You

8 Essential Tips for [topic]

3 Simple Hacks for [topic]

Infographic: Which Type of [descriptor] Are You?

How to Prevent [challenge] from Happening to You

How to Master the Art of [skill]

5 Trends to Define the [industry] Industry in 2016

10 of Our Favourite [industry] Campaigns

7 Tips to Help You [activity] More Effectively

If you need more resources to come up with your next great topic, you can use a variety of online tools to do so. You can use a selection of e-books, tools and articles to help you choose a headline for your blog post. One of the great resources is this e-book from CopyBlogger. It will allow you to write magnetic headlines that users will respond to.

You can also try this guide from HubSpot. It’s not always simply a lack of creativity or imagination; as a blogger you have to be critical of what you write. You need to know how to write a great blog post that will attract readers and provide share-worthy content for your followers. That is why some bloggers and journalists often feel they have writer’s block, as they don’t know what topic to choose next.

A good guideline to work with is to keep an eye on trending topics within your industry. This will give you a lot of content to write about, as it will always be newsworthy and relevant to your specific industry or blog. Remember, there is a difference between the topic and the working title. The topic is something general that you want to write about. But a working title is more specific.

For example, ‘content creation’ may be the topic that you want to write about. But ‘using an expert journalist for your content creation needs’ can be the working title for your blog post. A topic can lead to many different working titles that can lead to multiple blog posts.

A simple process

Once you have your working title in mind, it’s time to start crafting your content. To do this you must first decide the goal of the blog post will be. Is your call to advertise products? Is it to help generate leads for your business? Or do you want to inform readers about important information within your industry?

Once you know what your goal is, you can start mapping out your blog post.

Writing SEO friendly content is always a good idea as it will be available for years to come. People will keep on finding it within search engines if your optimisation was done correctly. That’s definitely one of your goals, as you want to keep on increasing the amount of traffic you receive.

So apart from choosing the topic and the working title, you should choose one that is SEO friendly, especially if you want to increase traffic to your blog. You can also try to expand on your working title by including specific content within your blog post. Always consider the benefit in reading your blog post, as well as the specific challenges the reader faces.

When you attempt to find a solution to someone’s problems, people will find your blog post valuable. Keep it interesting and full of valuable content that they can use. This will also increase your chances of having a blog post shared on other websites, as well as social media platforms.

With these tips in mind, it will be much easier for you to find a great topic for your next blog post. It may just help you to write an in-depth article on the working title you come up with, and provide excellent, valuable and well-written content for your audience will enjoy and share with others.

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