Steps to Creating Great Blog Content

You know that time of the week when you come to sit down and write a piece of blog content for your website? What does that moment feel like for you? Do you worry about not conjuring up a readable piece? Or are you brimming with ideas other people have already written?

There is only a certain amount of relevant topics most industries can produce, so rather than focus on subjects to write about, have a play with ways of curating content and you will find a different approach to write about topics that have been covered already.

For the sake of inspiring fellow blog writers our team of scribes put our heads together to compile this list of content ideas. We came up with 21 gems. We could have gone on, but stopped at 21. It’s the key to the door.

Invest in quality

Okay, this first one is not quite a content idea, but it is a requirement. And an important one! Content has to be engaging. You need people to want to read your work and enjoy it. Otherwise they will leave your website and not come back. And you will have wasted your time. Or money. If you invest in a content writer, pay one to produce high-quality content that can write entertaining material. If you pay low prices you get low quality.

Define a brand personality

A good example of high quality copy is to write content that bursts with personality. A strong voice that talks to the reader as though they are sitting opposite you is the order of the day. Readers respond to strong voices that are interesting, entertaining and informative. Your brand personality should compel consumers to take action.

Market for mobile

When planning your content marketing strategy, think mobile first. Consumers conduct more searches on mobile than any other device. Many are also consuming more content on their smartphones than they are on desktops. No matter which industry you are in, there is bound to be a market for mobile users so give them something easy to digest.

Produce a video

A good example of marketing for mobile is producing a video. They are easy to view on small screens and more likely to be clicked. Check out these video content ideas.

Use high-quality visuals

The need for high-quality content extends to images and stock photos do not always do your work justice, although sites like Pixabay, Pexels and Gratisography are good, modern options. Here’s a better idea though – tap local photographers and ask if they want to showcase their work on your blog to sell on to other online creators.

How to articles and tutorials

Tutorials – or how to articles – are great for attracting traffic as they are highly searchable terms. They can also be competitive so be as specific as you can.

Industry news

Industry news pieces offer a simple solution if you are pressed for time, but they also show you are keeping tabs on developments in your industry – which is important for building trust.

Top tips

Offering top tips is a content strategy that cannot fail. People are always grateful for good advice.

Conduct interviews

Conducting an interview with fellow professionals – and preferably influential figures in your field – helps you fill out a page with words you don’ have to search for in your head. The information you can gather from others should also give you more content ideas too.

Present a round-up of FAQ’s

If you hit industry specific forums, you will find a list of questions people are asking. So why not list these and answer them.

 Publish surveys and stats

Surveys and statistics make for interesting reading and other writers typically link to them – so you can even attract inbound links and boost your search engine rankings.

 Tell your brand story

Consumers engage with brands they trust and knowing more about your history, philosophies, commitments and core promises will endear people to you. Aim for the heart. People want to feel an emotional connection with brands.

 Introduce your employees

Taking the brand story one step further, why not give customers an insight into the day-to-day workings of your place of work. Introduce your staff, tell their stories, boast about their achievements, show pictures of staff events and anything else that demonstrates your human nature.

 Write comment pieces

Voicing your opinion about developments in your industry or discussing a recent talk, book or interview of leading figures in your field can make for compelling content whilst underscoring you are also an expert.

 Be an industry prophet

Talking of being an expert, predicting forthcoming trends in your industry will demonstrate you are on the ball and ahead of the game. Is there a better way to convince your audience that you are a specialist in your field? We don’t think so.

 List examples of good and bad examples in your industry

Okay, so this option won’t work for every industry and you have to be careful not to slander anyone, but we work in digital marketing so there is plenty of good, bad and ugly.

 Compile a list of industry quotes

Get on Twitter and other social media accounts and take a look and what people are saying about newsworthy developments in your industry. You can also quote famous people from history that made a name for themselves.

 Product review article

Giving an independent and honest assessment of products in your industry, especially one’s you sell shows you are knowledgeable and trustworthy. Good traits to have for an online business.

 Comparison articles

As a follow up to review articles, also publish comparison articles; this product v that product. You can then link it to the full review to drive traffic and improve your SEO.

 Cost/pricing article

Have you noticed nobody talks about how much things cost on their blog, yet one of the first things consumers want to know is the price! So why not write a piece justifying the cost of a product.

 Be controversial

This is not for everyone either as some people can be offended by controversy and there are some industries that have to be very careful about what they publish. Yet on the other hand, people love controversial content and when done well can be a great way to engage reader opinion and work up a comment stream.

We hope you find inspiration from these suggestions and good luck with your content strategy. Feel free to post any content ideas of your own in the comments field below, and of course, if you need professional writers to create content for your website, let us know.

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