Avoid Using Session IDs

March 27, 2017By Lian BrooksSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Here, we offer a succinct explanation of what session IDs are and how they can lower your site’s ranking. What are session IDs? A session ID is a unique number that a site’s server assigns a user for their visit. some servers create session IDs by simply increasing numbers, though most servers use algorithms that … Read More

JavaScript on Mobile Pages

March 24, 2017By Lian BrooksSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

JavaScript has a big impact on mobile SEO. Here, we explain the how disallowing crawling of JavaScript and CSS can hurt your mobile rankings and go through the best setups for JavaScript. To crawl mobile pages, Google has Googlebot mobile. It’s Googlebot’s purpose to examine and index pages of your site. Ideally, Googlebot would find a desktop … Read More

Why Link Schemes Lower Your Ranking

March 20, 2017By Lian BrooksSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Generally, link schemes are in place to try and manipulate and boost a page’s ranking in Google. However, participating in link schemes can sometimes hinder more than help you. Here, we explain what link schemes are, why they’re not the best way to get links, and how they could be negatively affecting your site’s ranking. What is … Read More

Text vs Image: Why Text Improves SEO

March 17, 2017By Lian BrooksSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Satisfying, visually pleasing site content is made using text and images in conjunction. However, search engines favour text above image, and it’s well worth knowing this when creating content. To improve SEO, take note of this key information. Why is text better than images? Text is more easily understood by search engines than images are. … Read More