Client's Brief

Our client is one of the largest independent furniture retailers in the South East of England.Established for well over 50 years; they stock over 100 well-known brands across multiple outlets. They have strong roots in the local community and as such rank well for more generic terms around local searches. However, they weren’t ranking well for - the much more competitive - exact brand searches, despite being among the country’s leading-sellers across many of the brands they stock.The client wanted to rank higher for brand name keywords like ‘stressless’, ‘calligaris’, ‘billib’ in order to give them greater exposure to a wider audience and generate more sales, both from local and national searches.

Our Approach

In order to spot weaknesses and identify the best opportunities, we created a tracking file for exact rankings and search volumes across all of the brands stocked by our client to give us a base setting to work from.Our initial research was question-based; we worked with the client to establish the supporting terms for each brand, i.e. each brand’s ranges, best-selling products, and the generic categories they covered. We analysed the competition’s ranking trends to compile a list of rivals who consistently ranked well and the content they used to achieve these ranks. Our deeper inventory audit of the client’s rivals gave us strong evidence that in order to rank higher for competitive brand terms, our client needed to launch a blog and publish their own content. We then generated a ‘hit list’ of the best opportunities. These were defined by the brands with the highest search volume, annual value to our client, and the ranking share of our client’s closest rivals.  


First, we carried out over 20 hours of problem-solving and technical optimisation of the website. This ensured that our client's website was best-placed to return maximum value for money from the SEO efforts that followed.We placed each brand category page at the tip of our pyramid and ensured our content hierarchy provided a solid base of content to propel the brand landing pages higher up the search engine results pages. With Google giving more consideration to these brand pages, we quickly moved the needle and these pages climbed up the rankings.Over the course of 6 months, we continually optimised the existing content and created new content to help lift our client’s brand homepages even higher in’s rankings.The graphics below show a clear visual representation of our ranking progress on individual brand keywords on 

best practice furniture seo
Once we had optimised the brand page for Nolte, it showed rapid gains.
best practice furniture seo
We pulled the Tomasella brand page out of the depths of 68th place to 6th.
best practice furniture seo
Stressless is a hugely competitive brand and we took our client's page from a distant 43rd to a meaningful 8th.

As is clear from the graph, an improvement in rankings isn't an instant fix. While quick one-off gains are possible by gaming Google, these are best avoided as they often have no long-term effect on rankings and can even be detrimental to your website's overall rank (by ranking pages higher up the order that don't deliver what a user expects and thus the user returns to the search engine results pages, casting a dark cloud over your page and domain as a whole). Generally speaking, it takes between 90 and 180 days to lift a given URL to a stable position, depending on the scale of your competition.The table below shows a 90-day comparison (1st August - 31st October, 2015 vs 2016) of pageviews across some of our client's brands. When referenced to the charts above, this table gives a real-world view of what a lift in rankings means to the number of visitors we can drive to your company's website.average ranking improvement seo 

What We Learned

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t just about optimising a page for a set keyword; there are over 60 factors we look for on our client’s websites to ensure they have the best footing to improve their rankings. While we doff our caps to Google and their unstoppable algorithms, there is an unfortunate irony to SEO; in order to help improve a page's rank in a search engine and attract an extra click, you may have to add a sizable amount of content to your landing page. This additional content can help your page to rank better and attract more visitors, however, this content may then 'get in the way' of your visitors and reduce the clarity and effectiveness of the page.Here at The Content Works, we ensure key page metrics such as user dwell time, bounce rate, and follow-through never suffer in the quest for more visitors and importantly, more leads. If you'd like to improve your ranking in search engines and attract more qualified customers, give us a call on 0207 305 55 99.We'll help you solve your problems.