Why Link Schemes Lower Your Ranking

March 20, 2017By Lian BrooksSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Generally, link schemes are in place to try and manipulate and boost a page’s ranking in Google. However, participating in link schemes can sometimes hinder more than help you. Here, we explain what link schemes are, why they’re not the best way to get links, and how they could be negatively affecting your site’s ranking. What is … Read More

Text vs Image: Why Text Improves SEO

March 17, 2017By Lian BrooksSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Satisfying, visually pleasing site content is made using text and images in conjunction. However, search engines favour text above image, and it’s well worth knowing this when creating content. To improve SEO, take note of this key information. Why is text better than images? Text is more easily understood by search engines than images are. … Read More

Why Auto-generated Content Won’t Help You Rank

March 13, 2017By Lian BrooksContent Strategy

A site’s value is dependent on the usefulness of its pages, and it’s important not to lose sight of this when creating new content. Just as a human has no interest in unoriginal, low value content, neither does Google. What is automatically generated content? Automatically generated content, or auto-generated content, is content that is produced … Read More

How to Use Robots.txt

March 6, 2017By Lian BrooksSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Robots.txt is a way of telling search engine crawlers what they can and can’t access. Here, we take you through its benefits and how to use robots.txt on your site. What is robots.txt? A robots.txt file is a file on your web server that tells search engine bots like Googlebot whether they should access a page or … Read More

Making Affiliate Pages Google Will Love

March 3, 2017By Lian BrooksSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Affiliate pages are often dismissed as low-quality content. Here, we explain how to make better affiliate pages which actually add value to your site and contribute to your ranking on Google. What is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is an automated marketing program in which a web advertiser recruits webmasters to place a company’s … Read More

The Best Website Sitemap Structure

February 24, 2017By Lian BrooksContent Strategy

When creating a website, it makes perfect sense to implement SEO techniques that will help a search engine crawler process information quicker. One way of doing so is by making site maps. However, a good site map for a search engine crawler is very different to what is helpful for people actually visiting the site. Though … Read More

How to Improve Any Website

February 21, 2017By Lian BrooksContent Strategy

Every website has the potential to be even better. Nowadays people can get weighed down with just the SEO of their site, but it’s important to remember that ultimately your site is for your visitors, not Googlebot. If people aren’t finding your content engaging, useful or original then neither will Google. It might sound obvious, … Read More

What is Grey Hat SEO?

February 15, 2017By Lian BrooksSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You’ve likely heard of black hat and white hat SEO, but what is grey hat? Here, we explain what grey hat SEO is and help you evaluate whether you should be using it on your site. What is Grey Hat SEO? Not to be assumed as simply a halfway point between black hat and white … Read More